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Legalization of Marijuana

As you look on the map, there are only two states where they allow recreational sales; this is a huge opportunity for the Green Rush and the economics of the US..

The Rise of Medical Marijuana

It’s a fact that cannabis can cure and/or alleviate certain medical conditions; the more states that follow this trend, the more likely there will be a higher demand for cannabis medicine. This is excellent for cannabis stocks that are investing into the medical side of the business..

Federal Bank Loans

Legal marijuana entrepreneurs have stressed that access to banking has been their most pressing concern. Their businesses are conducted almost entirely in cash, raising huge security concerns, because it is difficult for them to open and maintain bank accounts, or to accept credit cards. Once banks have full confidence in the feds, the opportunities will be limitless. .

"Growing Number of Businesses

Back in 2010, there were just a handful of public companies to invest money into. Now in 2014, there are a whopping 150, and still growing monthly. Which entities will merge and get bought out, which ones will fail tremendously? Since we are still at ground level, only time will tell..

Education and Knowledge

If you’re not comfortable with economics but you have a huge interest in the Green Rush, you may turn over a new leaf and realize now is the time to start increasing your intelligence so you can make money and then teach others. .

"Schedule 1" Drug Classification

A big problem here in the states is that cannabis is on the same level as heroin and LSD, in terms of drug classification. Once this gets lifted into ‘schedule 2’ than countless money opportunities will arise, and rapidly too. .


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At the ripe age of only sixteen, in the year 2000, Sean Senatore was given the best advice a young man can ask for. Advise that normal 16 year olds are usually not told, the advice was to simply study the stock market...

Currently residing in Brooklyn NY and working in finance for the last 6 years. Mr Appelbaum has 10+ years of finance and Retail Marketing and merchandising experience...

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Modern Life Insurance Using a Thousand Year Old Trick

Written by Sean Senatore  /  Published on Friday, 29 August 2014
holding hands

Upon just recently I was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Chloe. My wife and I are fairly young but one thing we know for sure is that we need to realize we are not invincible. Remember when back in the day, when we used to jump off garages, climb trees, run into things, slid into 1st base every time, etc. We did those things not truly realizing the consequences that may arise. Our parents uttered the words “please be careful” and “don’t get hurt” religiously every time they felt a sense of danger whether minor or major. Usually as you already know, we barely listened to them. But then there was that day, that one day that is branded into our heads where we wished we had not thought superman was within ourselves. Ouch, don’t even think about it I’m sure that pain still rings a bell with you.

We have a very high bed in our bedroom and our daughter, 20 months old now, thinks she can swan dive off of it. Yes it’s pretty funny when you’re there to catch her and she laughs with a smile that can melt you but at the same time, kids, children, teenagers, think they can’t get hurt. So after doing some due diligence and taking some time to study we ended up purchasing life insurance for all 3 of us. A nice hefty policy that we can afford at this time. To be honest with you after about 6 months of having it, I do feel safer knowing my family is protected, God forbid something serious happens to me. By no means am I hear to promote life insurance, but it’s a gateway to my main point. Life insurance basically protects your family from your sudden death, however it may happen. Besides sudden death we have other things to worry about. Such as our general health and well being. Amongst many different cultures, Natural medicine and healing dates back thousands of years. Tricks of the trade such as making your headache go away, going to sleep easier, losing weight, keeping your skin healthy and looking fresh, keeping your hair strong, preventing diabetes, cleansing your internals, brightening your teeth, etc. The list goes on for days. Now I don’t want to discount the unnatural medicine industry that dates back 200 years but why has it taken governments around the world so long to research the positive applications of the good ol’ cannabis plant? Probably a conspiracy, right? Well I’m not here to discuss conspiracy theories because that is another subject in itself. How many petitions must we sign to get our government to spend a couple of billion dollars on a full fledged program to dissect the numerous compounds found in this wonder drug? I’m tired of it quite frankly and it’s getting to the point where private funding , entrepreneurs, and venture capitalist are all we have left until something is done with government funding. 1 trillion a year is spent on defense, 253 billion is spent on education, you already see the problem….

I want my hard earned tax dollars to fund the movement I speak of.

Most of the people I know personally and I know hundreds, smoke weed occasionally, from young to seniors, black to white, poor to rich. Not only does it make them feel good it takes away certain problems that costly medicines just can’t treat or solve–Whether it be a stomachache , headache , a bad nights sleep, hunger, pain, stress, anxiety, joint tension, emotions etc. Over the counter and prescription drugs are not guaranteed to work plus who wants to deal with random side effects, such as death. I just remember last week watching this 90 sec drug commercial that stated 19 different side effects, scary stuff. When a person consumes the cannabis plant, however they may choose to, on a daily/weekly basis, not only are they decreasing their chances of getting sick, but they are also feeling positive about life which in effect makes them preform better in anything they do. Listen, all weed doesn’t make you feel like a pathetic moron that eats all day and watches TV. 125,000,000 people in America enjoy the cannabis plant, in fact hundreds of thousands need it to survive or live a comfortable life. I’m not suggesting in anyway to trade your government drugs in for the good ol’ plant but do some research and see what might be a better path for your health. Everyday life insurance that can protect you from emotional and physical obstacles in everyday life. Need a natural morning boost, there is a plant grown for that, Have a bad stomach ache, there is a plant grown for that, can’t sleep, there is a plant grown for that, feeling depressed, there is a plant grown for that, have complex multiple Multiple sclerosis (MS)… Need I say more.

GreenRush Media strives for the legalization of Marijuana in both the recreational field and more so in the medical field. The pure economics of it all makes perfect sense as well. The U.S. Is roughly 17 Trillion in debt, in less than 10 years we can reduce that number using tactics now ,not later. Also there are dozens of companies that are publicly traded on the OTC stock market that are looking to grow as the country becomes more accommodating, one state at a time. If you are a new investor or a veteran it wouldn’t hurt to do some digging into some of these stocks. I’m confident in telling you that you are making an excellent choice by taking our suggestion. As a company we will financially support the lobbying of this Green Rush movement and we will win. We will also support people investing into these companies for the long term because there is a lot of money to be made. Read More ...

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