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Legalization of Marijuana

As you look on the map, there are only two states where they allow recreational sales; this is a huge opportunity for the Green Rush and the economics of the US..

The Rise of Medical Marijuana

It’s a fact that cannabis can cure and/or alleviate certain medical conditions; the more states that follow this trend, the more likely there will be a higher demand for cannabis medicine. This is excellent for cannabis stocks that are investing into the medical side of the business..

Federal Bank Loans

Legal marijuana entrepreneurs have stressed that access to banking has been their most pressing concern. Their businesses are conducted almost entirely in cash, raising huge security concerns, because it is difficult for them to open and maintain bank accounts, or to accept credit cards. Once banks have full confidence in the feds, the opportunities will be limitless. .

"Growing Number of Businesses

Back in 2010, there were just a handful of public companies to invest money into. Now in 2014, there are a whopping 150, and still growing monthly. Which entities will merge and get bought out, which ones will fail tremendously? Since we are still at ground level, only time will tell..

Education and Knowledge

If you’re not comfortable with economics but you have a huge interest in the Green Rush, you may turn over a new leaf and realize now is the time to start increasing your intelligence so you can make money and then teach others. .

"Schedule 1" Drug Classification

A big problem here in the states is that cannabis is on the same level as heroin and LSD, in terms of drug classification. Once this gets lifted into ‘schedule 2’ than countless money opportunities will arise, and rapidly too. .


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The Evergreen State of Mind

Written by Sean Senatore  /  Published on Tuesday, 08 July 2014

With less than 24 hours until marijuana retail stores open in Washington State, anticipation is high from a number of different parties. There are expectations of 80 growers and 24 retail shops to receive their licenses tomorrow. This is a great step in the right direction for some, but for others an impending wait still looms.

Similar to how the NYS State Liquor Authority operates; the Washington State Liquor Control Board is the enforcing body that sets laws for a traditional liquor license. The difference between the two will be that the WSLCB will be also regulating marijuana applications for licenses and the issuing of the actual documentation. There will be a trial and error period where the employees of the WSLCB will have to keep up at a steady pace for qualifying these license applications. No different than someone opening a bar in Brooklyn or a retail dispensary in Olympia County, there will ALWAYS be a wait on approval from the state.

No matter what, a negative spinoff to something positive will always be inevitable. What we all have to remember is that marijuana legalization is in the infancy stage. There are many media sources blowing the negative side of marijuana legalization out of proportion, so it is important not to become engulfed with all of the pessimism. Once the newly participating states like Washington start to become more comfortable processing the right applicants, there will be opportunity for people who decide they want to become marijuana entrepreneurs. Slow and steady always wins the race in the path to success. Is there a possibility that every single beer, wine or spirit brand was built overnight? Absolutely not and neither will marijuana…however the opportunity for success will be rewarding.

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